Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Wow Your Guests with Five Fabulous and Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Today’s weddings are more than a ceremony, dinner and dance. Couples are trying to make their special days something to remember for years to come. Choreographed dances, celebrity impersonators and endless activities contribute to keeping everyone busy and enthralled. Today, a wedding is an event.

Of course, the wedding was always an event in two people’s lives, but now they choose it to be the event of the year for all the family and guests. They are looking for the wow factor and the days of splashy dessert tables with chocolate fountains are passe and boring. Couples are upping the game with sommeliers (professional wine stewards), magicians, and even cigar rollers making a custom blend for outside weddings.

Everything that happens during the reception now has the opportunity to become its own event. No minute is left to the guests’ imagination. There will be something provided as part of the festivities. So that you, too, can wow your guests, we have put together five fabulous and unique wedding entertainment ideas.

Unique Idea #1 – Local Artist

Having an artist on-site will not only provide candid hand-drawn photos of the setting, the mood and the couple, it will also be a nice change for the guests watching his handicraft and possibly getting their own caricature sketched, as well. It will be a special memento that no doubt will be treasured.

Unique Idea #2 – Fireworks Show

Now only will fireworks be spectacular, but your day will end on a bang. Fireworks will be the grand finale making it the last thing guests remember. Organize the display in your theme colors and have it finish with your names and wedding date. One note, here, however. Having a fireworks display will require some planning, as some venues may not allow it, even though it is outdoors. Also, the city may require permits and inspections.

Unique Idea #3 –  Parachutists

If you live in area where there is a flying club or a field where individuals practice parachute jumps, then it would be incredible to have them do a full routine for your wedding. Everyone loves this type of entertainment and the display will certainly dazzle. They might even be able to hold a sheet in the middle with your names as part of the show. You would have to get something made up, but think how personal the display can be.

Unique Idea #4 – Live Specialty Band

Having a live band for wedding planning entertainment is a lot of fun and something so totally not expected. For this unique wedding entertainment idea, we are not taking about the DJ or band for the dancing music. On the other hand, a mariachi or jazz band would be great for the cocktail hour or just after dinner when guests are having dessert and coffee. Both of these times are rather informal while guests wait for the next part of the reception to begin. This is the perfect time to entertain them and have them hypnotized with delight. Everyone will be tapping their toes.

Unique Idea #5 – Ethnic Show

Regardless of whether or not your wedding will follow the customs and traditions of your own culture or ethnicity, there are always displays we see in the community that we simply enjoy. If you really like a particular dance, for example, from another culture, contact the group or organization and arrange for them to perform at your reception. Even local school groups may have a traveling competition troupe which would be wonderful entertainment and something quite different.

Finally, keep your eyes open for local talent for your wedding entertainment ideas. You might be at the park, a local folk arts festival, or even just out for tea in the local coffee shop. There are many ways to find exciting people to perform at your wedding. All you have to do is look around to find the most unique wedding entertainment ideas.

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